Superhero Faces Productions

A superhero is somebody who uses their power to perform good deeds. But these extraordinary people aren’t limited to works of fiction. Just because we can’t fly like Superman doesn’t mean we too can’t rise to the occasion when duty calls. And while we may not wield the power of the Force, we can still aid those who need help. Superhero Faces recognizes that fans of superheroes are just as capable of impressive feats as the caped crusaders they admire. By discussing fictional heroes old and new, sharing stories of fans who have channeled their passion to better themselves and their community, and encouraging others to examine why a particular character might resonate with them, we believe anyone can partake in a hero’s journey just as fulfilling as those from the stories we love.



Brad Faye is a native New Yorker, published author and Rocky Mountain Emmy-nominated producer. For 11 years, Brad worked as a producer for the National Basketball Association, where his work was featured on global platforms including ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today. Opting to turn his attention towards his true passion, geek culture, Brad co-founded Superhero Faces along with Kelsey Dickerson and Arvind Navaratnasingham. The team has since had the opportunity to interview several iconic creators including George R.R. Martin (A Game of Thrones) and Stan Lee (Spider-Man/The X-Men), as well as several fans who have been impacted by their work. Brad has also authored his own graphic novel, One Nation: Out of the Darkness, which chronicles the journey of a young Muslim-American who discovers she has extraordinary powers. A fan of the late Joseph Campbell, Brad enjoys any opportunity he receives to explore the parallels between superheroes old and new, and discussing what it is that makes studying these legends worthwhile. His latest project, Geek, And You Shall Find, is a documentary exploring the rise of superhero stories and examining why they resonate with fans.


Kelsey Dickerson was born and raised in Arizona where she graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Business with a focus in Communication. After nearly five years of working in Public Relations for the Phoenix Suns and Mercury, she found her passion lies in sharing meaningful stories that can help others. Currently, Kelsey is a spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society as well as the host of the longest-running television show in Arizona, Pets on Parade, where she provides a voice to pets looking for happy and loving homes. A co-founder of Superhero Faces, Kelsey hosts several of the team’s videos while also fulfilling the responsibilities of media relations manager and spokesperson.


Arvind Navaratnasingham is a co-founder of Superhero Faces and the team’s designer extraordinaire. A native of Arizona, Arvind has worked in the design industry for 15 years, primarily with professional sports teams and national education organizations. Most recently, Arvind has worked on the branding and web development for a grassroots movement partnered with Michelle Obama, which is committed to increasing the percentage of students applying to and obtaining higher education. The visual mastermind behind the Superhero Faces website and apparel, Arvind hopes his work can help provide an innovative and creative approach to delivering the Superhero Faces message that we should all embrace the geek within. For Arvind, the best part of Superhero Faces is giving people the opportunity to join a community where they are encouraged to share their passions with others.